Atlanticon 2007 QRP Forum
March 30-31

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Mark your calendars and start making plans to make it to Maryland on the weekend of March 30-31 for the 9th annual Atlanticon QRP Forum!

We can't believe Atlanticon has been thriving for so many years.  If you've never been to a QRP weekend, anyone can tell you it's one of the most exciting and invigorating QRP things you can do in this wonderful hobby of ours.  You get a chance to meet many friends and make new ones as you put faces to the callsigns we hear on the bands and see here on the lists.  Between the hospitality suites on Friday and Saturday evenings, and the full day of fun and informative presentations on QRP and ham radio in general, you'll be "overdosed" by the time the weekend is over ... but you won't even feel the pain for the warm glow you'll be experiencing.

And like the ARCI FDIM weekend, we conduct Atlanticon on the same weekend that a very popular hamfest is held.  It's the largest hamfest on the eastern seaboard ... in fact, the hotel where we conduct our QRP weekend is the very same one as used by the hamfest committee and it's within hiking distance of the Timonium fairgrounds where the hamfest itself is held.  So before, during (if you can afford to miss the QRP fun), and after (especially on Sunday morning), you can get your fill of walking isle after isle of precious junque at the hamfest.

A unique thing that sets Atlanticon apart from the rest of the other good QRP weekends throughout the year is the "Atlanticon Kit" that we make available in advance to all attendees, and the related "contest" on Saturday night of the weekend.  We always come up with an interesting, and sometimes foolish project that really captures the imagination and involvement of the QRPers.  Many attendees demonstrate uncanny ingenuity in finding ways to customize the Atlanticon Kit in order to give them an edge in the competition.  In the past we've had more than 100 homebrewers running around with PSK31 audio transmitters sounding off in speakers, sounding like a horde of locusts.  We've had hidden transmitters sending mysterious codes in Morse.  We've had homebrew oscillator accuracy and
drift measurements, with some guys making temperature insulating chambers with old underwear (yes, I know ...), another circulating ice water to cool his oscillator, and yet another reprogramming his Micro908 to serve as a thermal feedback regulator.  Amazing!

This year Joe and I have come up with something that's very vogue, fun and at the same time pretty useful after the event.  We have announced and described this year's Atlanticon Kit, the Rookey.  It's something that nearly everyone will be able to use later on in the shack, in the field and even on the roof of your home.  See here for details.

We'll also begin introducing our wonderful lineup of speakers for the all-day Saturday presentations.  Some are old faces (well, previously seen, anyways) and some are new, which helps keep us all current in the field.  Our presentations this year span the gamut of radio operating, RF design, digital design, to-the-field preparations and more.  Chances are that nearly everyone will find one-or-more personal favorites on this year's agenda.

Full details for Atlanticon are at, including hotel reservation info and phone numbers.

So fly, drive, walk, bike, swim, cross-country ski, or skate (select transportation method based on the crazy weather you might be having this year in your neck of the woods) to Baltimore in just a little more than two months from now.  Ask anyone who's been to Atlanticon before - you'll have a great time!

73, George N2APB, Joe N2CX and Rich W3OSS
       for the AmQRP Club .. sponsors of the Atlanticon QRP Forum
       for the NJQRP Club ... hosts of the Atlanticon weekend


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