Atlanticon 2003 

QRP Forum Speaker

Dave Benson, K1SWL

Dave Benson, K1SWL  is a great friend of the NJQRP Club and QRPers all over the world, and has served as a technical advisor on many club projects over the years.  He has so many credits to his fame -- from repeated QST author, "designer extraordinaire" with projects in the ARRL Handbook, and entrepreneur deluxe as owner/operator of Small Wonder Labs -- Dave serves the us in the QRP community with quiet aplomb and technical depth. We are so lucky to have K1SWL present a topic once again that comes straight from the core of his expertise ...

"Ask Mr. Wizard"

Dave Benson, K1SWL, has gotten quite a few questions in his years as proprietor of Small Wonder Labs.  A number of these prove to be perennial favorites, and the answers bear repeating to a wider audience!. Questions like "How do I get 5 watts out of my 2W rig?" "Can I multiband single-band rigs?", "PEP- what is that?" and of course, "What's with the DSW-II?  In addition to tackling this smorgasbord of topics, Dave will entertain questions from Atlanticon participants.
K1SWL is known all over the world and in New Jersey as the proprietor of Small Wonder Labs, a QRP kit vendor.  First licensed in 1967, he mercifully doesn't remember his first few Novice QSOs. His interest in QRP stems from the earliest days, with a 2N706 rig making contacts on the 80M Novice band. He stumbled across an ARCI Sprint while camping in Vermont, strengthening the interest in portable operation.   He attended the University of Connecticut, graduating in 1976 with a BSEE, and with this training, the endless variety of homebrew projects actually began working!   Failing to gain meaningful employment upon graduation, he had to be given a job as an aerospace engineer. This included a number of design projects in both the analog and digital realms, and with a healthy smattering of other specialties thrown in. This training proved auspicious, and with the growth of desktop publishing and the Internet, "it was time".  Dave enjoyed his mid-life crisis in the mid-90s, and the decision to forego a life of project management and endless travel in favor of 'sole propietor' was the right choice. 

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