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The Midnight GPS Display Terminal (GDT) monitors the output of a GPS receiver and displays satellite signal strength as well as location and time information.  It can also control the frequency and duty cycle of a timing signal generated by the GPS receiver and synchronized with the precision atomic clocks in the GPS satellites.  The result is an inexpensive but very precise signal generator tunable from 1 Hz to 10 MHz in increments of 1 Hz.



The GDT dynamically interprets and displays the live NMEA serial data feed from any GPS receiver module with a serial interface.  Additional screens show raw NMEA messages and non-NMEA proprietary messages.  Messages can be recorded in files on an SD card using the GDT's FAT16 file system which is compatible with virtually all Windows and Linux systems.  Recorded messages can be played back on the GDT or transferred to a PC for further analysis.

Another screen controls the TimePulse output of a u-blox GPS receiver.  This feature provides an extremely accurate time base in a signal generator format.  The frequency range covered ranges from below audio up into the HF range.

Another screen turns the GDT into an atomic clock displaying local time and UTC time.  The clock time is synchronized with the clocks on board the GPS satellites.

The GDT software also runs on the Midnight Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA) hardware that can easily and quickly be installed in a MSNA thus converting it to a GDT.  The GDT can be converted back to an MSNA just as easily.  The GDT application will also run on other existing and future QVGA 16 platforms (e.g., the NAT).


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