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We recently alluded to some exciting evolutionary news coming up concerning the AmQRP and the QRP community.  Well, here it is ... Effective this month (July 2003), we are very pleased to announce that the Four State QRP Group begins its affiliation with the American QRP Club!  Because such an affiliation is much more than just a superficial verbal relationship, we wanted to explain what this means to everyone in QRP.

When the New Jersey and NorCal QRP clubs announced their merger in early June, part of our stated goals was to help the various smaller QRP clubs and to help facilitate regional QRP forums in various parts of the country.  We currently have Atlanticon on the east coast (planned, executed and hosted by the NJQRP Club), and Pacificon on the west coast (likewise done by the NorCal QRP Club).

This past spring, the members of the Four State QRP Group (4SQRP) contacted Doug Hendricks requesting some assistance.  They had just been told that Arkiecon was no longer going to be held, and they wished to keep a regional QRP conference going in the midwest.  Doug agreed to help them, and indeed assisted in getting the rights to kit the popular "KD1JV Tenna Dipper" to help finance the project.  He traveled to the area and spent several days with key 4SQRP members helping them with the logistics of kitting a project. It was decided then that the 4SQRP group would host Ozarkcon on April 9th and 10th in Joplin, Missouri.  Doug also assisted with the planning and obtaining facilities.  The 4SQRP Club has decided to align themselves with the American QRP Club in order to take advantage of the experience and know how of experienced QRPers who have been putting on forums for years.

The assistance comes with no strings attached.  The American QRP Club has no desire to control 4SQRP or to tell them how to run Ozarkcon - far from it! We have enough to do in putting on Atlanticon and Pacificon.  But we are able to share the experience of our successes in putting on such conferences by answering questions, providing guidance to help ensure a fun and exciting weekend, and even more importantly, providing space on the American QRP Club website for high exposure to QRPers worldwide.  We also are prepared to help 4SQRP Group in obtaining new kits to finance future events, just as we did this year with the "Tenna Dipper".  Make no mistake about it, Ozarkcon will be an event that is controlled and put on by the 4SQRP Group.  They will be making all final decisions.  They also will be doing the work, and there is a lot of it to be done.  Already, they have geared up and started selling their first kit, a very high quality one at that, the "Tenna Dipper". Proceeds from the sales will pay for the expenses of hosting Ozarkcon.  They will be inviting world class speakers to come to Joplin in April to present forums for QRPers enjoyment.  It costs money to put on a forum.  You have to rent a hall, pay for speaker expenses, etc.  If you want to see this QRP forum and others like it succeed, you need to do a couple of things.  You need to make every effort to attend (we do guarantee a good time!), and/or you need to purchase one of the kits that the group is offering.

Can other clubs take advantage of affiliating with American QRP Club and take advantage of the services to help put on their own forum?  Well, yes and no.   We certainly want to help others get started, but we only have so much time to spend on this part of our mission, and at this time we have decided to only add one forum per year.  For 2003, we have chosen to fold in the 4SQRP Group and their Ozarkcon QRP Forum.  Will we help other clubs with their projects?  You bet!  We are happy to assist in finding parts sources, suggestions for printing and publishing manuals, details on how to keep shipping costs down, etc.  All of these are available from American QRP Club.

Finally, we at the American QRP Club are really excited to announce that there will be a major QRP forum held in the midwest next April hosted by the 4SQRP Group and co-sponsored by American QRP Club.  We look forward to seeing you there at this inaugural event.  We also are very proud to welcome 4SQRP as an affiliated American QRP Club.  Please check the American QRP Club web page ( for further information on 4SQRP Group projects and events.

Welcome to the Four State QRP Group!

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