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New subscriptions now start with issue #2 but reprints can still be ordered for the premier issue of HOMEBREWER magazine

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It's hard to believe but we've now shipped all 150 extra copies of HOMEBREWER Magazine initially ordered from the printer.  So many folks signed up for subscriptions to this new publication from the American QRP Club after we made that first print run that we now have exhausted all our extras!

This is actually a nice problem to have -- i.e., much greater demand than expected -- but we don't want to deal with the consequence of QRPers not being able to get their hands on the premier issue of HOMEBREWER, which is bound to be a collector's item going forward.

Therefore we've ordered another small run of reprints from our printer and it should be ready this coming week.  As you can guess printing a smaller run of a magazine is more costly than printing our normal huge run, so these reprints will be priced as follows ...

    Reprints to US & Canada ... $12
    Reprints to DX locations ....$18

So if you are only now getting around to subscribing, your subscription will start with issue #2 (coming in November), but you'll still have a chance to order issue #1 separately, if desired.  Just let Paul Maciel, AK1P know what you want and add the extra amount in your payments to him.  See http://www.amqrp.org/homebrewer/homebrewer.html  for all the subscribing information, including how to get a copy of the premier issue reprint.

A great deal of positive feedback continues to come in from the entire QRP community about HOMEBREWER magazine and the AmQRP Club in general.  We want to thank everyone for their praise and encouragement, and we're extremely pleased that we can make such a profound impact on this hobby. There are so many ideas and plans yet to be unveiled ... just hang on for the ride of your life!

   From the leadership team of the AmQRP ...
        George Heron, N2APB  n2apb@amqrp.org
        Doug Hendricks, KI6DS  ki6ds@amqrp.org
        Jim Cates, WA6GER  wa6ger@amqrp.org
        Joe Everhart, N2CX  n2cx@amqrp.org
        Paul Maciel, AK1P  ak1p@amqrp.org

PS:  Some subscribers have reported that they haven't yet received their issues in the mail.  This is inevitable with the US Postal Service, even with the First Class mailings that we did.  Just let us know if there's a problem.  You will receive a copy of HB #1 if the subscription was placed before today.

PPS:  One of the newest features of HOMEBREWER magazine was recently unveiled ... full-color and full-resolution "reprints" of all graphics and photos published in printed magazine!  HB Extra! is located at http://www.amqrp.org/hbextra.  *Nobody* else provides this kind of service in the QRP field or elsewhere ... and AmQRP HOMEBREWER subscribers are the direct beneficiaries of it.  Enjoy!

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