HC908 Application Note #9
Programming & Operating Cautions

This page describes specific actions or conditions that will cause the need for reprogramming of the HC Monitor program.

The HCmon debug monitor program comes preloaded on the daughtercard and resides in upper memory.  (See Memory Map.)  This area is well away from the application code area that holds the various custom programs of interest, such as Exerciser, VFO, Keyer, Commander, Antenna Analyzer, etc.  Since HCmon is integral to the loading and programming of new user programs into flash memory, anything that messes up HCmon will prevent you from continued use of the daughtercard.

If you do not heed the following cautions, you'll likely need to send the daughtercard back for reprogramming.  (Homebrewers outfitted with HC908 programming hardware such as the Mon08 cable/dongle from PE Micro may perform the HCmon re-programming on their own, of course.)

Although this list of "cautions" may seem daunting, most are common sense and are rarely encountered during normal operation.  After you get a feel for using the daughtercard and its software tools, safe operation becomes second nature.  .




Last Modified:  April 20, 2003