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Downloading, Installing and Using CodeWarrior 'C' Compiler

This page describes the software tool called "CodeWarrior", from MetroWerks. This development tool provides a 'C' language compiler and an integrated development environment for creating software applications on an HC908 platform.  MetroWerks provides a free Special Edition version of CodeWarrior that will likely serve most of the development needs we have with the projects we have based on the HC908 Daughtercard.

Downloading the free Special Edition of CodeWarrior for HC08 Platforms

This section describes CodeWarrior features and a link to download the Special Edition.  In order to get the license key to use CodeWarrior, you must register (at no cost) by clicking on the second link provided below. 

(The following is from the MetroWerks.com web site 

CodeWarrior Special edition

CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC08 Microcontrollers Version 2.0

CodeWarrior for 8- and 16-bit Embedded Systems is a powerful and easy-to-use tool suite designed to increase your software development productivity. Our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides unrivaled, intuitive GUI development tools for the 8- and 16-bit family of microcontrollers. Now you can speed your time to market by creating, compiling, linking, assembling, and debugging within a single, integrated development environment. Spend less time navigating between tools and more time generating code, thanks to CodeWarrior’s IDE.

Plus, you can plug in familiar third-party products such as editors, debuggers, and Rapid Application Development (RAD) graphically oriented and model-based development tools such as the I-Logix Rhapsody in MicroC.

The comprehensive, highly visual CodeWarrior Development Studio for Motorola HC08 Microcontrollers enables engineers to build and deploy HC08 systems quickly and easily. This tool suite provides the capabilities required by every engineer in the development cycle… from board bring-up… to firmware development… to final application development. With a common, project-based, development environment reuse becomes a natural by-product as each team builds on the work already completed by the previous team. Whether the application is targeted at consumer white goods, industrial control or automotive body controllers, the CodeWarrior environment provides you everything you need to exploit the capabilities of the HC08 architecture.

The award-winning CodeWarrior IDE goes well beyond basic code generation and debugging, streamlining applications design from the moment you open the box. It features an intuitive, state-of-the-art project manager and build system; a highly optimized compiler; a graphical, source-level debugger; integrated profiling capabilities, a cycle-accurate, instruction-set simulator; and more.


Why develop applications with CodeWarrior?

Get to Market Fast

Speed your time to market by creating, compiling, linking, assembling, and debugging within a single, integrated development environment. Use our tightly-integrated tools to speed your development time or “plug-in” familiar third-party editors, compilers and debuggers.

Skip the endless debug cycles at the end of a project and the frantic search through the silicon documentation to find the single bit that is set incorrectly; causing your application to crash. Just define the functionality you need for your application and Processor Expert within CodeWarrior generates tested, optimized C-code tuned for your application and the particular HC08 derivative you have chosen.

Maximize Performance/Minimize Silicon Cost

Create the most highly optimized code in the market with our ANSI C/C++ and compact C++ compliant compilers. These compilers are designed to take full advantage of the HC08 architecture, with more than 60-advanced optimization strategies specifically designed to boost performance and reduce code size. So, you can extract maximum performance from lower cost silicon and reduce your overall product cost.

Develop Software Ahead of Hardware

Start software development immediately. The cycle–accurate, True-Time simulator in CodeWarrior provides the most powerful development tool short of actual hardware. Long before hardware is available you can detect and repair design and requirements errors with the simulator and integrated data visualization, code coverage, profile analysis, and Soft Trace tools. These tools provide you with clear, meaningful insight into your program’s run-time behavior. Armed with this data, you can tailor your application for optimum performance and reliability.


Project Manager

The CodeWarrior Project Manager gives you everything you need to configure and manage complex projects including:

·Complete control of source files, libraries and dependencies to reduce project complexity
·Automatic dependency management to eliminate the need for complicated makefiles
·Multi-threading support to allow you to work on one project while building another
·Built-in “stationery” templates help you create new projects faster

Edit and Code Navigation System

The CodeWarrior editor is the ideal tool for creating and modifying your source code. With customizable syntax coloring and styling, the CodeWarrior editor enables you to view your source in a way that makes sense to you. In addition, the editor maximizes the use of advanced features like:

·Pop-up menus for easy project navigation to improve you productivity
·Built-in drag-and-drop support makes source code editing a snap
·Special tools and shortcuts to help you organize your code and set custom markers

Build System

The CodeWarrior build system helps you develop applications with the smallest code size and fastest execution time. Features include:

·ANSI C/C++ and compact C++ compliant compilers, which support EC++ guidelines for embedded C++ development and generate ELF/DWARF files for execution and debugging
·More than 60 optimization strategies
·Compiler optimization menu that allows you to easily define the optimization level with sliders for code density, execution speed, complexity, compilation time, and information
·Macro assembler
·Linker dead strips unused code.

Graphical Source-Level Debugger

The CodeWarrior IDE includes a state-of-art source-level debugger with a wide array of sophisticated features that help you troubleshoot and repair your application faster. The debugger provides the power you need with the simplicity of a Windows-based point-and-click environment for fast and easy execution. Key capabilities include:

·Graphical display of complex data structures and expressions to speed run-time analysis
·Fast, flexible and comprehensive run control capabilities for complete target control
·Precise breakpoints help solve sophisticated problems

Processor Expert from Unis

Processor Expert is a Rapid Application Design Tool that combines easy-to-use component based application creation with an expert knowledge system. CPU, on-chip peripherals, external peripherals and software functionality is encapsulated into components called Embedded Beans. You can tailor each component’s functionality to fit your application requirements by modifying the component’s properties, methods, and events. When you build the project, Processor Expert automatically generates highly optimized C code and places the files into your CodeWarrior project.

Endless troubleshooting cycles are a thing of the past! Processor Expert’s knowledgebase only provides valid choices and immediately flags potential resource conflicts, allowing you to resolve the problems during the initial design phase.

Processor Expert also makes porting a breeze. Simply select the new MCU and Processor Expert maps the software and peripheral components that describe your application’s functionality to the resources available on the new MCU. All you have to do is resolve any problems flagged by Processor Expert and you’re finished.

Processor Expert features include:

·An intuitive, graphical, user interface tightly-integrated with CodeWarriorReady-to-use, tested hardware and software components with complete documentation
·Hardware independence and inheritance, which make your applications portable
·A knowledgebase that is constantly checking CPU dependent settings
·Automatic C-code generator
·Bean Wizard, which allows you to encapsulate your own software IP and build a library of reusable components

Full-chip Simulator from P&E Microcomputer Systems

The P&E Microcomputer Systems Debug module is built into CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC08 and provides full chip simulation, in-circuit simulation, real-time debug, and flash programming. The majority of general market 68HC08 devices are supported, and the device type and mode are selectable via a pull down menu within the CodeWarrior debugger. P&E Microcomputer Systems Debug module capabilities include:

·Simulate full CPU instruction set, peripherals, interrupts, and I/O for most 68HC08s
·Real-time debug/fast flash programming via the 68HC08’s MON08 port
·Supports Motorola ICS, Cyclone standalone programmer and Multilink08 low-cost tool

CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC08 Microcontrollers, Special Edition, includes the CodeWarrior integrated development environment (IDE); 4K code-size limited C compiler and C source-level debugger; macro assembler and assembly-level debugger; flash programming support; full-chip simulator from P&E Microcomputer Systems; and Processor Expert from Unis, with components for HC08 CPUs and most on-chip peripherals. The Special Edition allows you to evaluate CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC08 Microcontrollers at no cost.

To use the Special Edition, you must have a valid license key. Without the license key the product will run in a 1K code-size limited demonstration mode. Request the license key below.


[68HC08 Special Edition] (156 MB)

Developing C-language programs with CodeWarrior for the HC908 Daughtercard

(Details will be provided soon.)





Last Modified:  April 13, 2004