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Photos of the Micro908 (Production Version)

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This is the production version of the fully-assembled Micro908 Antenna Analyst, model AA-908. 



View showing overlay applied to the side of the enclosure (Left), and the overlay applied to the end panel (photo on right).


This is what you see when you open the kit box.  The parts are supplied in a number of clear plastic bags that are packed neatly in the box, protected by some bubble wrap around the whole thing.  (You'll actually see two other things not shown here: (1) your personalized Shipping Invoice that lists everything contained in the kit you ordered; and (2) the Assembly Manual, which is a 35-page illustrated document showing step-by-step instructions for assembling and testing your Micro908 Kit.


This is the "SMT Cards Bag", which contains the four color-coded cards holding the surface mount components used in the kit.  See the detail in the next photo (below).


There are four "SMT Cards".  All you need to do is cut out the part (using a razor blade) from the clear tape holding the SMT part onto the card, and then solder it in place per the Assembly Manual.  This is a fool-proof way of delivering the SMT parts in the kit, as developed by the kitting team of Tom (W8KOX) and Nancy (NJ8B) Feeny.


This is the "Connectors and Controls Bag" that contains ... well, it contains the connectors and controls!  It also contains the loose, through-hole components and hardware components of the kit. 


This is the "Semiconductor Bag" containing the static-sensitive transistor, axial-lead diodes, LED, and SMT integrated circuits.


This is the "Battery Holder Bag", which holds the battery holder (as you might guess), the LCD and the solder flux pen.


This is the "HC908 Daughtercard Bag", which hold the fully assembled and tested HC908 card.  This daughtercard comes pre-programmed with the AA-908 software.


This is the "DSPx Daughtercard Bag."  This optional card is also pre-assembled and tested.  [Note there is not a need for the DSPx card in the initial release of the Micro908, as there is no DSP computing needed for the Antenna Analyst product.  Use of the DSP card will come next in the Audio Filter product (AF-908) and in the "Portable PSK 908" product.


This is the optional plastic enclosure for the Micro908 Kit.  It comes pre-drilled to accommodate the pc board with components mounted on it.  [Note: The enclosure in included in your shipping box only if you ordered it. ]


This is the "Overlay Bag", containing the real nice plastic overlays that you will apply to the top, side and end panel of the enclosure during assembly.    See some close-up view of the overlays in the next photo (below). 


Close-up of the overlays for the top, side and end panels of the enclosure.  These are high-quality, sticky-back labels that are easily applied to the enclosure, giving it a very professional appearance.  You will like these!


This is the flat white box that holds the Dauphin miniature keyboard.  [Note this is an optional purchase and you might not have ordered it.)


This is the extension cable that comes with the optional keyboard.  The cable that is on the keyboard is not long enough to conveniently use the keyboard with the Micro908, so we included this 6-foot long extension cable for all those who ordered the keyboard option. 


This is DDS Daughtercard sub-kit.  if you ordered the DDS Daughtercard with your Micro908 Kit, this is what you will find in your shipping box. 


This is the CDROM that contains all the documentation, manuals, software, tools and other information that will be useful for Micro908 kit owners.  Thanks to Brian Riley, N1BQ for duplicating these CDs for us! 


This is the top side of Prototype #3 printed circuit card.  The final board will have soldermask and silkscreened parts legends, of course, for easy assembly. 


And this is the bottom side of the Prototype #3 printed circuit card.  This side too will have solder mask and silkscreen legends.


Here's N2APB demonstrating the Micro908 Antenna Analyst "user interface" at the NJQRP club meeting of August 14.  A number of menus are available to the user, providing a vast array of flexibility for controlling the instrument.


Both an earlier prototype (on the left) and the most recent production version were operating and on display for NJQRPers at the meeting.


Dave Ottenberg, WA2DJN is part of the initial group of Micro908 Kits customers.  Here we see Dave hanging onto the demo unit for dear life, hoping to walk away with it during the meeting.  Alas, Dave will need to wait for his kit like all others in the first round ... but the early September ship date is just around the corner!


Here's a close-up view of the first prototype we did for the project.  This was a "daughtercardless" version, with the 68HC908 processor and the AD9850 DDS chip layed out right on the motherboard.  This was a useful approach to debugging during the earlier days of the project development, providing for a convenient and smaller unit to get working.  (Of course, this type of layout does not lend itself to the flexibility and multi-use that the full Micro908 design offers, so we did not keep this form factor around too long.)

Micro908's on bench for final calibration
Active beta unit shown with dummy antenna in place with test signal monitored on the 'scope. The loads used during Calibration stage can be seen on the four BNC connectors by the scope.
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