(for early prototype units)

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Top view of the Micro908 in the PacTec enclosure
Unit measures 5.5" wide x 7" high x 1.5" deep.  Houses 5"x5" pc board and 8-cell AA battery pack. 

Rear view of Micro908 unit with cover removed
On LEFT, you can see the main pc board containing connectors along left & top edges, and the HC908 Daughtercard (green).  On RIGHT, you see the same view but with the KK7P DSPx Daughtercard and the NJQRP DDS Daughtercard installed (both also green)

Top view of the Micro908 prototype pc board
All controls (pushbuttons on left, rotary encoder and potentiometer on right, speaker and LED in middle) are mounted on the pcb. Character-based LCD is mounted on standoffs at the top edge of the pcb.  The pc board shown is one of the prototype boards and has a number of jumpers that fix a layout eror. (The LCD connector was inadvertently mirror-imaged, and as a result the 14 lines connecting it to the board needed to be manually wired. The layout has been corrected in the final submission to the board fab house.) The production boards being made right now have a blue solder mask (distinctive!) and white silk screen indications for component designators on both sides of the board.

Close-up of the LCD mounting.
The Micro908 has an option for the builder to employ a larger, graphics-based LCD in place of the character-based LCD shown here. Albeit a more expensive option, the various software packages running on the Micro908 will have much greater displaying capabilities.  For example, the Antenna Analyzer will be able to display actual plots of SWR and the AF908 Intelligent Audio Filter software will be able to display an audio frequency plot based on the FFT information delivered to it.

Close-up of the controls mounted on the pc board.
The five red-capped pushbuttons on left, black speaker in center, and potentiometer, LED and rotary encoder are on the right.

Side views of the Micro908 pc board.

Top view of the enclosed Micro908 while scanning.
The "Busy" LED can be seen illuminated with the scanning information displayed in the LCD.

The Micro908 in use with a miniature/portable PC keyboard.
This configuration would be typical when using the Portable PSK software program running on the Micro908. Similarly, the "908 Morse Keyboard" application software would use this setup.

Close-up on the Daupin miniature/portable keyboard.
This limited-supply accessory is available for purchase with the Micro908 Kit.  Lightweight and relatively durable, it can be easily taken on field outings when digital mode operation is the goal.

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