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Want to add a Touch Key to your Ultimate Keyer?  With this inexpensive "MTK option" you can add it to the MUK case or to any other enclosure of your liking.  Just tap the brass mounting nuts of the little MTK board and the capacitance of your fingers serve to actuate the Dit and Dah inputs of your keyer just as well as when using a conventional external paddle.  Nice for POTA/SOA operation! 
(NOTE: The optional MTK kit also uses SMT components.
See pics in Photo Gallery, below-left.)



A full-featured electronic keyer
with unprecedented capabilities!

  • Simple, intuitive and flexible user interface

  • Seven keyer modes

  • Sidetone generators

  • Memories (9) with message chaining, unlimited
    nesting & time delays

  • Practice modes

  • Tune functions

  • Serial interface for optional terminal setup

  • Option Board ... 'Touch paddles'

  • (Future Option Board ... Audio filter, amplifier, 4-way rig interface)


Photo Gallery:

Small-sized plastic enclosure convenient for opposite-hand operation

Front Panel

Backside of Front Panel contains all the components!

Rear Panel (rev B)
(missing RV1 trimpot for volume control)

Inside view of the MUK case showing the optional Touch Key pcb (MTK) on the right, connected to the paddles jack on the rear via flat cable.

Video Overview



Very Compact Design ... Attractive 4.5"W x 1.5"H x 3" all black enclosure.

Bright LED Display ... Four, seven-segment characters with center colon.

Simple, Intuitive, and Flexible User Interface ...

         Unique 4-character display guides you using an extended character set, blinking characters, and varying character brightness.

         Rotary control with push switch for setup and speed selection.

         Eight push-buttons for message selection and setup functions.

         Serial interface for optional terminal: for keyer control and keyboard keying; full color display (with touch screen) for keyed text and setup menus.

Seven Keyer Modes ... Iambic A, Iambic B, Dot Preferred, Dash Preferred, Ultimatic, Semi Automatic (Bug), and Manual (Straight).

Keying Rate ... User selectable from 5 to 50 WPM in 1 WPM steps, current rate is displayed briefly when changed.

Side Tone Generators ... 

         One for operator alerts (3.0 KHz).

         One for keyed text (0.5 - 9.5 KHz, operator selectable, can be muted).

         Miniature speaker.

Nine Message Memories ... 

         General messages 1 - 7 (non-volatile, 63 characters max).

         MY CALL (non-volatile, 15 characters max).

         THEIR CALL (volatile, 15 characters max).

         Input from CW paddles and/or optional terminal.

         Limited editing aids on input.

Embedded Message Control Functions ...

         Unlimited message chaining.

         Message nesting to four levels.

         Change keying speed.

         Insert time delays with displayed countdown (00:00:01 to 18:12:15) for beacon mode.

         Serial number generation and maintenance.

Practice Modes ...  Improve your Morse code keying and copying skills.

         Keyed text displayed with timing indicators.

         Groups of five random characters generated and displayed.

         Choose from all alpha, all numeric, alpha-numeric mixed, and sequential alpha.

         Optional terminal can capture random text for grading.

Tune Function ... Initiated and terminated using the paddles with a special control code.


Block Diagram



MUK Schematic


Touch Key Schematic


Switch Functions




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