Digital Mode Transceiver


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        Phaser-II Ordered List

               Phaser-10 and/or Phaser-15

Round 1: (Shipping by end of Sept)

Pat Cahill, W0BM (10m & 15m) -- Ordered

Jim Hall, AA8Y (10m)

Andy Schaffer, W3SW (10m & 15m) - Ordered

Mark KA6WKE (10m)

Terry W6LEO (10m)

John Wilk (10m)

Scott N0SAB (10m)

Jack Stoner, K3JAS (10m & 15m) - Ordered

Graham Collins, VE3GTC (10m) - Ordered

Don Roland, VE1AOE (10m) - Ordered

Werner Katerkamp, KF6FOH (10m) - Ordered

Bob W2HK (10m)

Bill Jones, W4OM (15m) - Ordered

Jesse Barton, WJ4VA (10m) - Ordered

Steve Lawrence, AA8AF (10m & 15m) - Ordered

Colin G6AVK (10m)

Kevin Gilot, NZ1I (10m) - Ordered

Ron McMurray, KC0TDJ (10m) - Ordered

Larry K3PEG (15m) - Ordered

George N2APB (10m & 15m) - Ordered

Dan K0HNL (10m & 15m)

Bob N4BP (10m & 15m) - Ordered

Jim Perry, AA6CK/4 (10m) - Ordered


Round 2: (If enough interest, target shipping 'could' be by mid-end October. At least 50 orders needed.)

Jay Hennigan (10m & 15m)

Robert Rand (10m)

Harry White (10m & 15m)

Dave Huelsbeck, W9DBF (10m)

Terry Murphy, W6LEO (10m)



We have a target shipping date of on/before Sept 30 for these two new kits.


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