SW30+ Transceiver Kit

Base Kit:  PCB, components, connectors, knobs


"Small Wonder"
30 Meter Superhet Transceiver

Back in the 1990's homebrewers wanted a fun transceiver project that was elegant-yet-simple.  Dave Benson offered to update and improve his classic 40-40 CW QRP transceiver ... and the "SW"-series was born, along with terrific instructional design material that became known as "The Elmer 101 Course."

So when we (CWTD) wanted to run a series of episodes on the Elmer 101 course, K1SWL again stepped up and empowered us to produce a limited run of his SW30+ design ... for all CWTD followers to learn from by building and testing his still-popular little rig!

Quick Specs:

  • Single board design creation of Dave Benson, K1SWL

  • Measures 2.8 x 4.0 (7 x 10 cm)

  • VFO operation with a 35-kHz tuning range (10.100-10.135 MHz)

  • ~2.0 Watts RF output

  • QSK (full break-in) operation

  • 19ma (Rx), 300ma (Tx) at with 12V supply

CWTD Manual

Original Kit Manual

AA0ZZ Enclosure (optional)


AA0ZZ PCB Enclosure

When we contacted Craig AA0ZZ for some ideas on how to provide a unique and attractive enclosure for the CWTD SW30+ kit, he said: "Man, do I have a great idea!"


What resulted is this beautiful enclosure made entirely of pc boards with red soldermask and white silkscreened labels.  Interlocking pieces are quickly soldered in minutes and the top piece screws in place to form a solid, 5" x 4.5" x 1-3/4" enclosure specifically designed for the SW30+ transceiver. 


Gee, wonder how many accessories may be housed in a mating enclosure just like this one?!


Freq-Mite "Audio Dial"



This audio readout frequency counter serves as an inexpensive way to provide a precise frequency readout for the SW30+.  Connect your rig's IF or RF output to the FM's input, and the FM's output to the audio chain to hear the rig's operating frequency sounded in Morse code!  Made available through partnership with the generous Four State QRP Group.

1.75"L x 1.25"W

1 KHz resolution

800 Hz tone at 13 or 26 wpm


Full kit info at 4SQRP


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Download a PDF of the Schematic, the Troubleshooting Schematic and the Board Layout



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